WAM-5500 Binocular Accommodation Auto Ref/Keratometer

WAM-5500 表紙

Dynamic Accommodation Measurement with Binocular View


The pupil diameter at 0.1mm step (minimum 2mm) can be measured simultaneously with refractive value.  It helps to check the reliability of accommodation measurement.WAM-5500 調節モード1

Easier measurement of IOL patient

The accuracy of the measurement is improved for IOL patient by eliminating unnecessary reflection from the IOL.

Easier access to the eye ground image

A freeze image function displays the eye ground image to check the reason of non-measurement and confirm the good or bad measurement.



It measures 6 times per second to check the accommodation response dynamically.

WAM-5500 High Speed
●Example ; 33 years old male
This is the data of moving the Near Point Card every 20 seconds.With this data, the subject eyes are accommodating from the ideal value of -2.00D to -5.00D. Additionally, the pupil diameter is constricting from 4.0mm to 3.2mm. (Blinking at the same interval.)

Error handling mechanism during the Hi Speed Mode is improved

Up  till  now,  the  measurement  could  not  be taken  for  a  few? seconds  after  the  patient blinks  and  the  difference  would be  too  big compare  to  the  previous  ones. With  the improved  algorithm,  it  would  judge  the  blink and move to the next measurement immediately without losing the data for a few seconds.

Measurement with Both Eyes

With  both  eyes  open,  the  natural  condition, the measurement is taken.  Thus, there would be  less  Instrumental  Myopia,  and  allows  you to achieve more precise measurement.

Easy Measurement with Open View Window

The  Open  View  Window,  which  adopted  the Half  Mirror,  makes  it  possible  to  take  a measurement without the subject being aware as  there  is  no  distraction  of  view.    For  the infant/children,  it  gives  less  pressure,  and you  can  measure  easily  and  quickly.    Addi-tionally,  it  allows  you  to  go  through  the measurement process smoothly since you can observe the condition of a subject directly.

Any Target

Unlike regular refractometer, you can choose any target interested to the subject and set to any distance.

Indication of SE (Spherical Equivalent)

The change of accommodation in SE can be confirmed easily on the LCD.

Easy Over-Refraction Measurement

Since  it  is  adopting  the  Open  View  Window, you can measure a subject with  glasses  and  contact lens  as  well  as  a  subject with  the  IOL,  easily.    It also allows you to confirm the prescription.WAM-5500 両眼開放窓




WAM-5500 Moving Target System


Dynamic Synchronized Stimulation with WAM-5500  


5 Kinds of Drive Mode
Constant Diopter Triangle
Constant Velocity Triangle
Diopter Sin
Step Drive

Target Up/Down
Fixed Position Up/Down
Multiple Position Up/Down



・Able to select the Velocity, Start Position, and Number of Repeat as you wish.

・Record Refractive Value and Pupil Diameter as well as Distance based on Diopter Excel.

・Measurement data can be compared easily as the movement is based on the Diopter.

・Movement and measurement can be started with the Joystick of WAM-5500 as well as the outside signal.

・Able to monitor the status of WAM-5500.

・Three faces are covered for the safety reasons as well as the Emergency Stop Switch is included.

・USB-Serial Conversion.

CAUTION It does not mean USB-Serial Conversion is guaranteed.

Option for WMT-2

Large Electric Table, Objective Switch, External Start Switch, Power Supply Unit for the External